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Caring for your Canvas Awning

We made our first Canvas Awning in 2011 and its still our favourite bit of kit.

We worked it hard from day one - we were running our marquee hire company and it was out on hire at festivals and weddings every season . In-between hires we used it ourselves for camping trips and garden parties throughout the year.

Now, we no longer run a marquee hire business, but our original Canvas Awnings aren't retired, they still get plenty of use.

So here are our top tips to make your awning last.

festival bar under canvas awning

1. Packing away your canvas Canopy

We use regentex (a heavy-duty poly-cotton canvas) to make the canopy of our awnings. Its the superstar of canvases because it's very strong and it has the look of cotton but the longevity of polyester - so it gets the job done and it's made to last and last.

Like with every kind of canvas, (and this is something you're allowed to be obdurate about) the key here is to get everything dry for storage!

Moisture – such as canvas being put away when slightly damp – can cause mildew and rot to the canopy of your Canvas Awning. So it’s important that all the awning components are put away dry and stored in a completely dry place.

The easiest thing here is to wait until the awning is bone-dry before you take it down.

If that's not an option and the awning is wet or even slightly damp when you take it down, you'll want to bring it home and either erect the awning again for drying or hang it in a shed or outbuilding, so it can dry out before its packed away.

Once bone-dry, the canvas canopy can be folded into its storage bag and kept in a dry place until you want it.

2. Storing your Awning frame

Again, keeping all the components of your awning frame dry in storage is key to longevity.

Like with the canvas, taking the poles down when they're fairly dry is easiest.

If your awning poles are muddy, wipe them down or give them a dry brush to remove any dried-on dirt (tip: stainless steel scouring pads are great for this). Store your Awning poles in a dry shed, garage or out-building.

3. Clean & Oil your awning frame

A little bit of extra maintenance from time to time will go a long way to increasing durability and keep your Canvas Awning frame looking its best.

Once or twice a year, or when they look like they need it (depending on amount of use), we recommend cleaning your awning poles and applying some linsead oil. It's inexpensive, easy to do and it won't take long.

We always try to pick a dry, sunny day for this.

Set your poles up on some tresles if you have them, or lean them up against a wall if you don't. Scrub the wooden poles with warm sopy water and a stainles steel kitchen scourer to remove surface markings and dirt. Then rub them down with a rag and leave to dry in the sun.

Once they're dry, use a cloth or a brush, to apply a mix of linseed oil and white spirits to the wooden poles (2:1 oil to spirts ratio). The white spirits helps it soak in deep. Leave them to dry.

Linseed oil not only protects the surface of the woodwork, but also nourishes the wood, keeping it stronger.

4. Reproof your Canvas

In the long term, if your canvas is getting prolonged use every year, then after 5 to 10 years you may consider applying a coat of Fabsil Gold universal protector. This product is available in aerosol and liquid options. It's easy to paint or spray on and will refresh and extend the lifespan of your canvas. Simply lay your canvas out on a flat surface and paint or spray on the conditioner. It's an investment job that will only take about an hour and is well worth it.

And that's it. Keeping your canvas awning in good condition for many years is really that straightforward. If you have any questions or issues, please do get in touch.

You may be also interested to know that...

5.We offer a Canvas Awning repair service

If your Canvas Awning canopy suffers any damage, we offer advice and a repair service. Get in touch by phone or email, ideally including photos to illustrate the issue.

6.We sell replacement parts for your canavs awning

If you loose a guy rope, misplace a peg, or even want some spares just incase, we've got you covered. Every component of our canvas awnings is available to purchase seperately. Check out our online shop, or get in touch to order what you need.

If you found this post helpful, please check out our blog and subscribe to our email list. We don't send lots of emails, but we'll send blog posts and updates from time to time.

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