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  • How do I set-up my Woodsman's Awning?
    Setting up one of our standard size canvas awnings takes just two people and can be done in less than 30 minutes! ​It's easy to learn how and the only tool you'll require is a sledge hammer to knock the ground stakes in.
  • Is a Woodsmans Awning easy to put up?
    Our Woodsman's Awning are designed to be straightforward and fairly quick to set-up. Once we have it laid out on the grass, the two of us can set one up in under 30 minutes. It will take longer the first time of course, but gets faster once you know what you're doing. The Woodsman's Awning comes with detailed set-up instructuns (with step-by-step colour photos) and of course we're available on the phone and by email. If you have any further questions we'll be very happy to help! Watch our set-up video View our online set-up guide here
  • How much space do I need for a Woodsman's Awning?
    The Woodsman's Awning itself is 6m x 4m but the pitch size (that's including space for the guy ropes) is larger than that. Overall, you'll need a space thats 10m x 5m. This diagram shows the 6m x 4m canvas canopy laid flat (on the ground) with ground stake and peg positions in red. As always, don't hesitate to give us a call with any awning questions. We'll be happy to help!
  • Does the Woodsman's Awning only go up on grass?
    The Woodsman's Awning is designed to be erected on grass or soft ground thats fairly level. If you want to set one up on hard ground - such as a patio - this may be possible. Awnings can be secured into a patio by drilling a hole through the grout and then driving a steel peg (supplied with the Awning) through the hole and into the sub-base. If your patio has a concrete sub-base then you can use a heavy-duty chain plate staple (available from Tool Station). Do give us a ring or get in touch by email for more instructions and details. We'll be happy to advise. CONTACT US
  • How do I look after my Woodsman's Awning
    Storing your Woodsman’s Awning. A garden shed or garage is an idea place to store your Awning. The key here is to keep everything dry! It’s important that all the components of the Awning are put away dry and stored in a completely dry place. Moisture – such as canvas being put away when slightly damp – can cause mildew and rot to your Awning. Poles left outside will deteriorate and discolour. Caring for your Woodsman’s Awning Maintaining the wooden poles of your Awning is cheap, quick, easy and really worth it! Remove any dirt and dust (wipe back or clean with a scouring pad if necessary) Make sure poles are dry Use a soft cloth/rag to apply raw linseed oil mixed with white spirit. Ratio 4:1 Repeat this process every 6 months when in regular use. This will keep the poles supple and protected. Please note - These Awnings are designed as temporary structures. To keep them in good condition they should be used and then taken down and stored correctly. If you are leaving your Awning up for longer periods of time (over two weeks) in wet/damp conditions, the woodwork will require extra maintenance – application of linseed oil – to avoid discolouration.
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