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Enhance your Glamping business with Canvas Awnings

Updated: Jun 28

If you run a glamping business, eco-retreat or unique holiday rental, and you’re looking for new ways to attract guests, enhance customer experience, and generate repeat bookings, then this is for you.

Adding a Canvas Awning to your eco-rental this season is a quick and easy way to enhance your offer. In the UK’s competitive outdoor hospitality industry, where guests are looking beyond accommodation at the whole experience, Canvas Awnings are a high-impact, low-effort way to extend the possibilities of your customers’ outdoor experience – whatever the weather.

add canvas awnings to your glamping business to up your game this season

Glamping with a Canvas Awning
Glamping with a Canvas Awning at Camp Hox - pop-up Glamping by the Hoxton Hotel

1. A Canvas Awning is the ultimate luxury addition to your glamping accommodation.

Use a Canvas Awning to create a dedicated outdoor gathering place so guests can get out into nature in style, even on a rainy day. With their round-wood frame and canvas canopy our Awnings look beautiful & natural in your outdoor setting. They’re also highly instagrammable!


Set up an Awning with some outdoor seating and a fire bowl, or add picnic tables and a BBQ, so glampers can reliably enjoy time outdoors even when the UK weather is unpredictable.

2. Canvas Awnings are the ideal cover for outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking over a fire or with a pizza oven is a quintessential part of the glamping experience. When searching for their holiday destination, more and more customers are looking for the opportunity to re-wild themselves and have a go at authentic open-fire cookery.

Adding a Canvas Awning field kitchen, where guests can cook over the flames, is a great way to move your eco-rental business forward. Our fully waterproof, heavy-duty Canvas Awnings make the perfect camp kitchen for a truly immersive outdoor cooking experience.

Our Awnings are tried, tested and approved by professional caterers, street food traders and outdoor chefs across the UK, which makes them perfect for private use too. What better way for glamping guests to experience the outdoors than under the shelter of canvas.

Our Awnings are a practical, sought-after solution to create shelter for outdoor kitchen set-ups without compromising on the fun of being truly out of doors.

3. Attract group bookings to your glamping site, with a Canvas Awning

Respond to the growing trend towards larger group stays by offering a Canvas Awning gathering space.  With the major UK festivals now offering the option to book group pitches in their camping fields and more and more camping and glamping sites taking notice of this trend in customer behaviour, this could be the perfect time to bring your glamping site or eco-retreat on board.


Installed alongside your existing glamping pods, our free-standing awnings are especially good for larger groups who want to gather together outside their separate accommodation units.  One of our standard size Canvas Awnings is an ideal communal area for parties of 6-10 glamping guests to cook and eat together outdoors or gather around a camp fire in the evening.


And, because setting-up one of our free-standing Canvas Awnings takes less than 30 minutes, some festivals and glamping sites are offering our Awnings as an optional extra, available for guests to pre-book.

4. Running a unique Outdoor Event space? Canvas Awnings have got you covered.

If your glamping site or eco-retreat space is hosting (or considering) pop-up banquets, fire cookery classes, outdoor music events, wellbeing retreats or pretty much any kind of outdoor luxuary experience, then Canvas Awnings are a fantastic solution for your business.


Our earth-friendly Canvas Awnings are waterproof, sturdy and quick to set-up. They also look great – adding some natural glamour to your outdoor events.


Use Canvas Awnings to create an outdoor cocktail bar, covered seating for diners, or a field-kitchen for the catering team. They’re brilliant cover for small stages and yoga classes in the wild.

Canvas Awnings are available in 2 sizes - standard and large - and 4 colour options.

We also consider bespoke Awning enquiries - so do get in touch to discuss your ideas.

to learn more about canvas awnings explore our website or get in touch.

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