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Canvas Awning Company | working towards sustainable

Here at Canvas Awning Company we've been making low-impact structures since the early 2000's.

For us, working towards sustainability begins with choosing high-quality UK materials and extending product durability, so that your Canvas Awning will last for many years.

Harvesting awning poles
Oran harvesting Awning Poles from a local woodland in Northumberland

Using uk materials to make canvas awnings.

Wooden Awning frames

The wooden frames for our Canvas Awnings are made from locally-sourced larch wood poles. The wood is usually cut within 50 miles of our workshop or less - so the whole process happens within a small geographical radius. Meaning we're creating something beautiful and functional with minimum impact on the environment.

As well as being locally-sourced, the process of removing young trees from closely-packed woodland, is beneficial. Known as coppicing - "its a way of improving the health and biodiversity of a woodland area by opening it up to the sunlight and allowing a wider range of plants to flourish".

From harvesting the young trees, to the finished awning frame, we aim to keep things as close to nature as possible. We select young trees and strip the bark by hand to reveal the pale wood underneath. We keep knife work to a minimum so that the result is a round wood frame that blends right into your outdoor setting.

Heavy-Duty Canvas canopies

We use UK-made regentex, a heavy-duty poly-cotton canvas, to make the canopy of our awnings. Its the superstar of canvases because it's very strong & it has the look of cotton but the longevity of polyester - so it gets the job done and it's made to last and last. We made our first Canvas Awning in 2011 and we're still using it today (13 years later).

Canvas Awnings made to last

Our Canvas Awnings are a really solid bit of kit. With their sturdy wooden frames and heavy-duty canvas these awnings are designed for strength and durability.

Because they're designed and made on a Northumbrian hill farm where we get a lot of strong wind and weather, they have a wind rating up to force 7 - making them suitable for use throughout the UK.

Canvas canopy Repair service

As part of our commitment to sustainability we offer a canvas canopy repair service.

If your Canvas Awning canopy suffers any damage, we offer advice and a repair service. Get in touch by phone or email, ideally including photos to illustrate the issue.

We sell replacement Awning parts

Its reassuring to know that all the parts of our Canvas Awnings are available individually: poles, pegs and ground-stakes, canvas canopies and guy-ropes. So if for any reason you need to replace a part, or you simply want some spare parts on hand, we've got you covered. Get in touch or visit our online shop and we can sort you out with everything you need.

Our Awning workshop is Solar-powered & heated by sawdust

Our Awning workshop is based in Northumberland in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. So of course our impact on the natural environment is very important to us.

Last year we installed solar panels to help power our wood-workshop through the Spring and Summer. We also have a sawdust stove so that in colder months we avoid using oil or gas to heat the space. Instead we can use what we've got - wood dust and shavings from our Awnings. Its simple recycling.


Learn more about Canvas Awning company ethos and how we're working towards sustainability - planting trees & solar powering our workshop - by clicking the button below.

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