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Take a look at our Canvas Awnings out in the wild...

From big UK festivals like Camp Bestival, Shambla & Wilderness to smaller gatherings like At Home Farm Live & CampFire in The Mountain, our canvas awnings provide shelter for all kinds of outdoor event.


UK Glamping sites and craft markets are using our awnings, as are some fantastic small businesses like The Salt Box, Secret Adventures and Miscreations Theatre.

Here's a collection of images that show who's using our Canvas Awnings and what for.

festival hot tub+canvas awning
Canvas Awning at Camp Bestival.
outdoor yoga Awnings
outdoor bar awning
At Home Farm Awning
Awning glamping.jpg
Glamping awning Hoxton Hotel
outdoor feast under canvas awning
fire cooking under awning
bbq under canvas awning
Campfire marshmallow Pic.jpg
Awning field kitchen.jpeg
Burgundy canvas awning
Glamping with canvas awning
camping with canvas awning
take them camping_edited.png
eating under burgundy awning.jpg
Fowey Market awning
Lolas barkey awning stall
cake stall under canvas awning
Awning training Meadow Well 2.JPG
awning ceremony 2.jpg
canvas awning wooden frame.jpg
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