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Awning workshop | lighting the stove in winter

Updated: Feb 27

In terms of sustainability, if we can create a circular system that works, then we're very happy about it. A nice example of this is the way we heat our awning workshop during the winter months...

Using 'waste' sawdust to light the stove in our workshop.

Using Sawdust to heat the awning workshop

In our workshop we have an abundance of sawdust. Its created as a by-product of of the work that we do (all kinds of things, including making awnings). So it seemed like a good idea to make a simple sawdust burner.

We found designs online and asked a metal worker friend to create one for us. It's simple to use and the sawdust burns at a steady heat for hours - so we can get on with being busy in the workshop, without having to tend the fire.

The best bit of course is that we're able to avoid using oil or gas to heat the space. Instead we can use what we've got - wood dust and shavings from our Awnings. Its simple recycling.

sawdust stove design

Find a design and a description of sawdust stoves at

Scenes from the awning workshop - peeling awning poles, turning wooden finials, watching the sawdust pile up.

Any other cool ways of recycling sawdust?

Well, yes! In the warmer months, when the awning workshop moves outdoors (under an awning in fact) we use the sawdust for compost - in our compost toilet and for the veg garden compost heap. Turns out it's a precious resource, we can't get enough of the stuff.

Learn more about our company ethos and how we're working towards sustainability - planting trees and solar powering our workshop - by clicking the button below.


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