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How to set up an Awning Hire business

Updated: Feb 27

Glamping with a Canvas Awning

Thinking about purchasing a canvas awning as hire stock? Read our practical guide to getting started.

Did you know that before Canvas Awning Company we ran a successful marquee hire business for 15 years?

Canvas awnings were one of our most popular and versatile structures - we hired them out across the UK for all sorts of events including festivals, weddings, garden parties, forest school sessions, glamping sites and more.

So, if you're thinking about setting up an awning hire business, or you already have a hire business and would like to add a set of canvas awnings to your existing hire stock, then we can help.

Awning Photos for your business website

We can supply you with high resolution photos of our canvas awnings, free of charge, so you can start advertising immediately. We have images in landscape and portrait to suit your website or google profile - just send us an email or give us a ring to ask for photos.

Structural Engineers Certificates included

Our canvas awnings come with a structural engineer's certificate as standard. This means they're all-set for professional use.

Having the correct structural and wind-loading specifications means that your new awning/s will be ready to hire from the get-go. You'll be able to organise appropriate insurance for your business and send out the correct documentation to event organisers ahead of a hire so they can organise theirs.

Canvas Awnings are easy and quick to set-up

Setting up one of our standard size canvas awnings takes just two people and can be done in less than 30 minutes!

It's easy to learn how and the only tool you'll require is a sledge hammer to knock the ground stakes in.

As well as written set-up guides, we offer you the option to send us photos or video footage of your awning when you've got it set-up. We can look it over and let you know if there are any adjustments you could make.

.And of course we're available by phone or email to answer your questions.

Pricing Guidelines for awning hire

For a standard weekend awning hire we suggest £200 plus delivery as a guide price.

Your weekend hire terms might include a Friday set-up and a Monday collection.

To increase the order value, we also offered optional extras including festoon lighting, flooring and furniture.

We sell replacement parts for our canvas awnings

Our canvas awnings are made to last. We actually still have the awnings we used when we ran our hire business; after over 10 years of heavy use they are still going strong!

But its reassuring to know that all the parts of your awning: from poles, to pegs, to canvas canopies, are available individually. So if for any reason you need to replace a part, or you simply want some spare parts on hand for your hire business, we've got you covered.

Canvas repair Service

We also offer a canvas canopy repair service for our awnings. Get in touch any time to ask for details.

To find out more about what we offer

Please get in touch via email

or give us a ring Oran 07708911817 | Bryony 07590205733

Or click the link below to shop our canvas awnings

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